Tenn. Sen. Corker Standing With Obama On Iran Puts America At Risk

America is more unstable and at greater risk today than we have been in recent decades. At the forefront of this instability, American foreign policy. The truth is, our foreign policy hasn’t changed much over the decades. Leadership has a nasty habit of ¬†repeating the same mistakes over and over. To sum it up: We overthrow secular dictators because “terrorism”. We then allow Islamic extremists to take over the seat of government in those countries. We then send them millions of dollars a year in foreign aid. And, in return, those Islamic extremist governments kill thousands of Christians, Jews, Baha’i and so on. We then yell and scream because “there’s more terrorism!” Then, more war, but mostly towards secular countries, which then creates yet another power vacuum, filled by- more terrorism. Meanwhile, we completely ignore the cries of Christians, Jews, Baha’i and others that are being slaughtered on a daily basis by the very Islamic governments we have allowed to take root.

Leadership is to blame, and leadership continues to turn a blind eye. Although Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) serves as the Chairman of the United States Foreign Relations Committee, he has zero military experience. This inexperience has recently manifested through Corker’s refusal to uphold the United States Constitution, and instead stand with President Obama and Senate Democrats by allowing the President to broker a nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran completely unchecked by Congress.

Forty-seven– It is the number of Senate Republicans who stood up to President Obama’s precedent setting, unilateral power-grab. The president is refusing to include the Senate in these negations, which flies in the face of the Treaty Clause of the United States Constitution (ARTICLE II, SECTION 2, CLAUSE 2). Corker’s willingness to cede his constitutionally delegated authority and responsibility to approve such treaties over to President Obama not only baffles the mind, it is illegal due to the fact that it violates the non-delegation doctrine of the United States Constitution (ARTICLE I, SECTION I), which prohibits Congress from delegating away their responsibilities.

This is not the first time Corker has ceded his responsibility, and likely not the last.

America’s foreign policy is no joking matter. In fact, at this point in our history, it is likely the most pressing issue facing our country. Those who sit on the Foreign Relations Committee have an absolute responsibility to ensure our country is safe from those who wish to harm us. Therefore, those who wish to cede such responsibility should not do so lightly. In fact, they shouldn’t do so at all due to it being unconstitutional. As a sitting chairman, Corker should know better.

Our leaders in Washington have a job to do; and when they fail, America fails.