The War On Women In Tennessee

As an OBGYN physician, I have delivered over a thousand baby girls and cared for their mothers. As a veteran of the United States Army Special Forces, I have fought to protect American moms and daughters from terrorism, and for the freedom of women suppressed under Islamic regimes. Tara, my wife, is a pediatrician. She cares for baby girls each time she walks through her office doors. Therefore, one can likely imagine the anguish I experience when someone has the audacity to accuse me of participating in a “War on Women”.

The truth is, there is a war on women; and the battleground is the Tennessee State Legislature. However, Tennessee women have been consistently and manipulatively misled regarding the enemy.

Who is the enemy?

Currently, three bills are moving through the legislature that would require abortion clinics to be regulated as surgical centers, require abortion providers to inform women of all the risks involved with receiving an abortion, and require a 48-hour waiting period along with some counseling.

However, the abortion lobby is fighting hard against this common sense legislation. In fact, they have spent millions of dollars in Tennessee to fight it.

Why does the abortion lobby insist on abortion clinics having fewer sanitation regulations than hair salons and tattoo parlors? Shouldn’t women be in a clean and sterile environment when undergoing dangerous medical procedures?

Why does the abortion lobby fight so hard against women being informed on the risks of abortion? Wouldn’t you want to know that you may experience depression, suicidal tendencies, infertility, infection and even death? Do women not have a right to know?

Why does the abortion lobby fight against a simple 48-hour waiting period and counseling on alternatives to abortion? Isn’t the termination of a life something that should be reflected on, rather than, on demand?

Why does the abortion lobby spend millions fighting legislation that will provide a clean and safe environment, inform women of the risks, and ask that they reflect upon their decision for a couple days? It’s simple—- Money.

All of these measures have been shown to decrease the number of abortions in a safe manner that protects women. Fewer abortions mean less money for them. Therefore, they fight common sense legislation that protects women and saves lives.

Contrary to popular belief, the real war on women is perpetuated by the very lobby that claims to champion their cause. They fight every day to keep women misinformed and put their lives at risk hundreds of times a day so they can turn massive profits. Stockholm syndrome at its finest.

If women want to fight the war that is being waged against them, they should reflect upon the number one rule of war: Know thine enemy.

Will you stand for life? Click HERE to sign the petition to help pass these bills.

11 thoughts on “The War On Women In Tennessee

  1. Dear Dr. Hamada
    Thank you so much!
    It’s wonderful to encounter a person who thinks with the depth you display on the issue of “War on Women”. It’s beyond sad that so many people are so misdirected.
    Thank you
    Sabina Totty

  2. We have thought of you so many times, and wished for you since you left the M’boro area. Both of us were your patients. We too, have left that area after 32 yrs., due to Bro. Al’s declining health.

    How the Lord is using you!! We are so thankful & proud of your strong stand for our Lord and His ways! There are many rewards awaiting you one day. We look forward to that wonderful time when we can spend eternity praising Him!

    Until that day,
    Bro. Al & Phyllis Grounds

  3. Great article. I foughtandvworkrd hard for amendment one. Thank you for wonderful follow up on passing protective measures for moms and babies

    I hope that you know the author of amendment one and head of Family ActionCiuncil of Tennessee, FACT , David Fowler there in Nashville. Seek him out if you do not to discuss the legal ramifications and concerns of careful wording and presentation of these protective bills that are proposed. Thank you.

  4. Omar,

    Remember the Jones in Jackson? We remember you as a teen, playing soccer with our boys, Mike, Doug, Chris and Steven. Mike and Doug are both living in Nashville, too. Blessings to you and your family. You are so talented and have contributed much in so many areas. We are proud of you, and thank the Lord for how you love and serve him. Thanks for your recent letter regarding the ‘war on women’, and how it is so misunderstood.

    • Mrs. Jones, how could I forget??? I ran into Dr. Jones a couple of years ago in Jackson. I hope you guys are well. I owe you a call and a visit! I’d love to reconnect with Mike and Doug. What are they doing now? Are Chris and Steven in Jackson?

  5. Thank you for Standing up for mothers an babies in such a public way.
    We also support this ministry in love and prayer. It’s going to take a lot of our Lord’s warriors. We pray that God would put a hedge of protection around you, your wife and family as you speak out!

  6. Excellent article, Dr. Hamada.
    Not to mention the war on women by Democrats at the federal level. Just in the last two weeks, Democrats blocked a bill that would have imposed tougher prison sentences on human sex traffickers, because the Democrats wanted more of our taxpayer money for the murder of innocent human babies included in the bill.

  7. keep standing your belief. So proud of you Omar, have wonder so many times where you and Sandy were. Praying for you

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