Tennessee Insurance Rates are About to Skyrocket

Tennessee families need to prepare themselves for some serious sticker-shock. Thanks to Obamacare, your insurance rates are going to skyrocket next year. Since Obamacare became law, many Tennesseans have seen rate increases upwards of 60 percent. However, insurance companies say it’s not enough. Of course, Tennesseans wouldn’t be in this position had our Republican representatives voted to defund Obamacare. For example, U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker (along with Rep. Diane Black-District 6) voted to fund Obamacare. Of course, they come home and tell us one thing, but their voting records don’t lie.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee lost $141 million in the first year of offering individual health plans through Obamacare. Next year, they plan to hike rates 35 percent. Just last year, they hiked rates by 19 percent. Community Health Alliance, Humana and Cigna all have said they’ll have an average rate jump up to 36.3 percent.

President Obama certainly deserves his fair share of the blame. However, Republicans have controlled the House for years and now control the Senate. The power of the purse is in their hands. They have had every opportunity to kill Obamacare, and they have refused to do so. In fact, they have quite literally voted to fund it.

So, when your insurance rates spike yet again and you have to choose between buying groceries or being penalized by the IRS because you are now forced to purchase insurance, blame Tennessee republicans, not President Obama.

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