Politicians Are To Blame For Oregon Shooting

On Thursday, tragedy struck a small community college in Oregon. A gunman demanded to know the religion of students before executing them. At least 10 have been stolen from their families. Meanwhile, nine more are hospitalized. Murder is against the law in all 50 states. It is also against God’s law. Regardless,¬†politicians took to media […]

TN Lawmakers Move To Nullify Gay Marriage Ruling

On Thursday, almost a thousand conservative Christians gathered at the Tennessee state capitol for a rally today that featured many Republican state legislators prepared to fight the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage. As a Southern Baptist minister, I was encouraged to see so many Christians taking a stand and God-fearing legislators willing to fight […]

How Tennessee Funds Planned Parenthood With Your Tax Dollars

Last Wednesday, members of the Tennessee General Assembly investigated Planned Parenthood at a special committee hearing. Legislators wanted to know whether or not any of the state’s abortion providers were guilty of selling fetal tissue for profit. The Tennessee Department of Health informed these legislators that there was no way of knowing whether or not […]

Lamar Alexander Brags About Saving Planned Parenthood

Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) are living proof that saying you are pro-life has become nothing more than political rhetoric to placate conservatives. When politicians talk, most Americans have come to understand it is just that– talk. However, some things are sacrosanct, or at least they should be. Life is one of those […]

Ten Important Reminders For Christians In Wake Of Court’s Gay Marriage Opinion

Over the past several years, Christians across the world are being persecuted at an increasingly alarming rate. The Supreme Court’s latest blow to Christians in America will likely open a Pandora’s box of religious persecution. Many proponents of the Court’s opinion on gay marriage have pointed to the First Amendment as promise that religious clergy […]

The War On Women In Tennessee

As an OBGYN physician, I have delivered over a thousand baby girls and cared for their mothers. As a veteran of the United States Army Special Forces, I have fought to protect American moms and daughters from terrorism, and for the freedom of women suppressed under Islamic regimes. Tara, my wife, is a pediatrician. She […]