TN 2016 Insurance Premiums Will Skyrocket

Insurance premiums across the country are about to skyrocket yet again thanks to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare and Tennessee will be one of the hardest hit states in the nation. Former Tennessee Medical Association committee-member and current emergency department director Dr. Omar Hamada says that he expects Obamacare will […]

How Tennessee Funds Planned Parenthood With Your Tax Dollars

Last Wednesday, members of the Tennessee General Assembly investigated Planned Parenthood at a special committee hearing. Legislators wanted to know whether or not any of the state’s abortion providers were guilty of selling fetal tissue for profit. The Tennessee Department of Health informed these legislators that there was no way of knowing whether or not […]

Lamar Alexander Brags About Saving Planned Parenthood

Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) are living proof that saying you are pro-life has become nothing more than political rhetoric to placate conservatives. When politicians talk, most Americans have come to understand it is just that– talk. However, some things are sacrosanct, or at least they should be. Life is one of those […]

Will Tennessee Republicans Save Obamacare?

The Supreme Court of the United States is set to deliver their ruling on King v. Burwell any day now. At stake is the very thread holding Obamacare together. Republicans have yet another opportunity to repeal Obamacare once and for all, but most have motioned they will instead try and save it. Insurance premiums for […]

Tennessee Insurance Rates are About to Skyrocket

Tennessee families need to prepare themselves for some serious sticker-shock. Thanks to Obamacare, your insurance rates are going to skyrocket next year. Since Obamacare became law, many Tennesseans have seen rate increases upwards of 60 percent. However, insurance companies say it’s not enough. Of course, Tennesseans wouldn’t be in this position had our Republican representatives […]

The War On Women In Tennessee

As an OBGYN physician, I have delivered over a thousand baby girls and cared for their mothers. As a veteran of the United States Army Special Forces, I have fought to protect American moms and daughters from terrorism, and for the freedom of women suppressed under Islamic regimes. Tara, my wife, is a pediatrician. She […]

Why Does Senator Bob Corker Refuse To Repeal Obamacare?

The desire to advance conservative values in Washington is supposedly pumping through every Republican’s veins. Hence, one would think that every conservative would be ready to support the legislation that Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sponsored which would have put an end to the travesty that is Obamacare. However, three Republican senators decided that it was […]

TN hospital closures under Obamacare detrimental

Americans have sent a clear message on Obamacare, in the form of a new Republican majority in Congress, and they are demanding immediate repudiation and repeal of the president’s policies. From its adoption, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has sent a devastating blow throughout the healthcare industry. In only a few short years, […]